About the German Blockchain Week

The German Blockchain Week is a series of Disrupt community meetups between October 14 and October 18, 2019. These Disrupt community meetups aim at connecting corporates, crypto funds, accelerators, incubators, family offices, and investors with each other as well as exploring and discussing blockchain technology projects and their future potential to influence the world. The Disrupt community meetups are hosted at prestigious locations of well known sponsors and the presentations by leading industry experts make them the perfect event to network and get to know the crypto scene.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs

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14. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | AI for Blockchain and Digital Privacy
Data Science and AI offer us various use cases which can be adapted to different industries and in this meetup we are going to analyze their impact on blockchain and how it can be used to protect digital privacy in a hyper-digitalized world. Speaker Danko Nikolic will focus on how AI will be useful for cryptocurrencies while speaker Mihael Modic will focus on the impact of AI on protecting your digital identity.


14. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | AI in Blockchain and Quality Assurance
Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved by leaps and bounds to a point where AI based applications are widespread across all industries such as technology, automotive, banking, marketing, and entertainment while simultaneously providing tremendous opportunities for businesses to increase operational efficiencies, improve quality assurance and reduce costs, among countless other possible uses. This meetup aims to create a focus on AI based solutions for different industry verticals and processes.

15. October 2019

Overview on New Blockchain Payments from Swiss Crypto Valley & Beyond
This meetup discusses the impact of blockchain on digital finance from various perspectives in particular the newest trends, legal frameworks, use cases related to blockchain across various verticals in the financial industry.

1. We will be taking a look at upcoming payment services – Libra Crypto-token, Stable Coins and etc.

2. current trends for cryptocurrencies in Switzerland and the frameworks regulating blockchain’s integration within the Swiss Financial industry.

16. October 2019

German Blockchain Week | Industrie 4.0 & IoT
Join our Disrupt Meetup of the Industrie 4.0 & IoT Frankfurt community in Frankfurt. This blockchain meetup discusses the application of blockchain technology in the financial sector, its chances and risks and whether it can provide transparency while simultaneously ensuring the user’s privacy.

17. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies
This meetup is part of the German Blockchain Week 2019 which takes place from October 14th to October 18th. The speakers are John Izaguirre from Ontology who will be sharing his perspectives on Digital Assets and Ontology’s blockchain frameworks. Joining him will be the 2nd speaker – Gabriel Escalona from Vaultoro who will be outlining how cryptocurrencies can be an alternative to actual government issued currencies. To support his view, he will be citing the example of venezuelans who have turned to using digital assets such as Bitcoin as an alternative to the Venezuelan bolivar.

17. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | Enterprise Blockchain Frankfurt
Large corporations are discovering their own use cases for blockchain technology, be it in the supply chain, payments, security or management of other processes.

Join the enterprise blockchain community in Frankfurt for this Disrupt meetup. It aims at bringing together blockchain enthusiastic enterprises and individuals that want to get to know the technology, as well as understand how it can be used and applied.

18. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | Women in Tech Munich
With the growing debate in our society on how to empower women in the society, it’s important now more than ever to have a robust discussion with female role models who can inspire and motivate a new generation of women, thereby ushering in groundbreaking changes in our societal structure. Women that inspires other women through their stories to follow their ambition and flourish in their careers and personal development are defined as Female Role Models.

22. October 2019

Disrupt Meetup | Blockchain Startup Pitches – Düsseldorf
Decentralization, blockchain, distributed ledgers, and crypto assets are all over the tech news. Meetings and conferences in New York and Hong Kong make us forget easily how decentralized the future of technology is. After all, great innovations can happen anywhere! This event brings together the Düsseldorf blockchain community and those interested in the topic. 2 Blockchain startups from Düsseldorf – Peerz.One and Ubirch GmbH will be giving short presentations about their vision for the future – followed by drinks and a get-together.

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