Be prepared for the German Blockchain Week 2019 (GBW)

About the German Blockchain Week

The German Blockchain Week is a series of disrupt community meetups between February 21 and February 26, 2019, which complement the main event of the week – the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC) on February 25 and 26. These disrupt community meetups aim at connecting corporates, crypto funds, accelerators, incubators, family offices, and investors with each other as well as exploring and discussing blockchain technology projects and their future potential to influence the world. The disrupt community meetups are hosted at prestigious locations of well known sponsors and the presentations by leading industry experts make them the perfect event to spend the evening before and after the CAC and to network and get to know the crypto scene.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs

You want to be a speaker, sponsor or a disrupt community meetup host of the German Blockchain Week?


21. February 2019

Azhos Supply-Chain Innovation Day 2019
On February 21, 2019, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and AZHOS AG jointly organize a half-day event to explore new business models at the intersection of the big two topics supply-chain management and finance made possible by blockchain. Together with thought leaders from the areas of finance, chemical industry, Internet of Things and blockchain, we will explore which business models will be enabled by distributed ledger technology and blockchain in specific.

23. February 2019

Make Darmstadt: Blockchain meets IOT-Hardware
In 2019 we will host #makedarmstadt for the 5th year. This year we will focus on Blockchain and the Internet of things.
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25. & 26. February 2019

Crypto Assets Conference
The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center together with KI Group and jointly organize the second edition of the Crypto Assets Conference. The blockchain technology, borne through the invention of Bitcoin, has created hundreds of digital assets and spurred the development of new business models building on a decentralized network. In the framework of the conference topics such as DLT in financial industries, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, crypto funds, and tokens of decentral business models will be discussed. The 2-day conference features key speakers from the German and European blockchain ecosystems.
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